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Mozyr Distillery is against of consumption of alcohol by people under 18.

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«Snake» «Snake»  “Buslinka Laskavaya” “Buslinka Laskavaya”  “Buslinka Myatnaya” (“Minty”) “Buslinka Myatnaya” (“Minty”)  “Buslinka Classic” “Buslinka Classic” 
“Gramulka the first” “Gramulka the first”  “Gramulka the second”  “Gramulka the second”  “Gramulka the third” “Gramulka the third”  “EGER” “EGER” 
“Birch drippings” “Birch drippings”   “Krynichnaya” “Krynichnaya”  “Starorusskaya” “Starorusskaya”  “Directorskaya Banketnaya” “Directorskaya Banketnaya” 
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