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Vodka  Jaeger”

It is a traditional high-quality Belarusian product. High-class character of the beverage is not only its unique style but a complex additive “Yantalak GF” which is used for making of this vodka. This additive protects human organisms from toxicological effects of alcohol. Natural honey which presents in this vodka softens it and gives it a special flavour.

Conceptual foundation of “Jaeger” brand is the idea of green forest. Forests occupy 42% of the territory of the Belarusian Polesye.

The vodka will allow you to plunge into the world of wonderful nature of the Belarusian south: undisturbed river floodplains, unique flooded forests and woods, eutrophic peatlands where one can find rare and declining species of plants and animals.

Alcoholic drink with strength of 40%