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Balsam “EGER”

The balsam is developed by the experts of the Combine. It has saturated colour with prune and black coffee flavours. Natural raw materials harmony gives magic properties, unique flavour and pleasant aroma to the balsam.

Product release is carried out since 2010.

Alcoholic drink with strength of 40%

Composition: softened potable water, rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw material “Lux”, simple sugar dye I, alcoholized balsam tincture (red bilberry leaves, herba hyperici, nettle, cinnamon bark, thyme herb, sage leaves, Rodiola Rose, pepper mint leaves, lemon balm herb, calamus root, lime blossom, origanum herb, tormentil roots, juniper fruit, magnolia-vine, heather herb, black pepper, sulfur root, sandy everlasting blossom, eucalyptus leaves, fragrant pepper, fennel, valerian, cloves), alcoholized apple juice.