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Balsam “Sorodich”

It is a strong beverage with aromatic herbal extracts, roots and fruit. It is full of natural ingredients. Only a spoonful of this beverage infused with vulnerary plants from the Belarusian Polesye makes ordinary tea a very aromatic beverage.

Product release is carried out since 2006.

Composition: softened potable water, rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw material “Lux”, simple sugar dye I, natural honey, alcoholized fruit infusion of aronia, alcoholized oak bark tincture, alcoholized tincture “Sorodich” (herbs: estragon, origanum, giant-hyssop, hyssop, holy grass (zubrovka), lemon balm, calamus, lime and sage roots, lime blossom, herbs and leaves of abstinthium, marigold blossom, thyme herb), alcoholized tinctures of hawthorn, birch buds, rose hips and propolis.